A Better Place

my heart is strongly set
to do what good i can do
and when i leave this world
i hope to have made a difference

by Faith Elizabeth Brigham Click to read full poem

Comments (6)

Beautiful poem, I hope the same. X
I wish this fragrant flower will bloom in a 'Better place'. In this HUMAN SOIL never grows love? . A very touching poem Elizabeth.
The Love has certainly been spread from this one, I would like to see this one written in stone and placed in the centre of everyones heart.An absolute 10 from me.Love duncan
your poem is nicely choked for reading a wonderful vision may keep writing more for us thamp55@yahoo.co.uk nice day thampi
i agree with Mary you have definatly touched my heart with your words and inspired my soul, a fine poem. yours sincerly Vincent
I believe you've touched many with your words Faith. You are a wonderful lady. Sincerely, Mary