Peeling Back The Layers

Looking at my perfectly crafted facade you would never know
that when you peel back the layers you find things i never show
you find a heart not yet broken
but badly bruised and battered
looking at it you can tell it's been through battle
behind the glinting eyes you see
the sadness deep inside of me
under the smile pasted on my lips
you find the weight of my pain pulls down the tips
I can not explain this to you
though many times I've tried to
the words locked behind my lips
are like sharks tearing me to bits
but you'd never know by looking at me
because I only show you what I want you to see.

by Kira Parson

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wow, very deep, & its totally true tht the price is life!
hey good job man, I like the sense of hope it's not all despair very very good
.....and we're talking about my writing? 1. this is good. 2. almost like mine in a way, which i thought you dissed....? ? : ( 3. this is wayy good. there is nothing wrong with wanting something more. xx millie xx
i think this is great. i wish i had a better tomorrow to. Johnny...u have true talent..keep writing
A few words that holds much depth... well done
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