A Biblical Poetic Journey (I Am Says The Poem)

I am the path of the light breaking into the dark deep of the waters,
The whisper of the wind in the Garden of Eden,
The buzz of the lover bees in the ark of Noah,
The tears of salt in the eyes of Lot’s wife,
The sound of the harp in David’s courtyard,
The sorrow of Jonah in the fish’s belly,
The light of the bright star guiding the wise men,
The call of the Messiah for all the heavily burdened,
The tongues of the apostles on the day of Pentecost,
The journey of Paul on the path to his true destiny,
And the song of the saints on the sight of our Lord’s face.

I am not he, but of him, from him and for him.

by Dickson Wasake

Comments (2)

I love it, Dickson: the I AM in everything... very inspiring. Thank you.
You did very good in the way you went about in this poem of yours. I admire writers that do that for the Lord. Anyway, I shall continue reading more of yours.