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A Big Star
NQ ( / Plymouth, MA, USA)

A Big Star

The morning star,
As bright as can be.
I sit upon my chaise lounge chair, and dream
about what I do see,
The ocean is calm today, the reflection of that
Big star, ripples across the water,
of what I wonder so very far.
The birds are chirping on this calm morn,
Watching them fly and build their nest, makes
Me wonder, do they get any rest?
As the sun continues to rise,
I am amazed of it's wonderful size, a big star,
The beauty of the morning sun,
Will never be forgotten,
As this reflection lights up the ocean,
I cannot describe to you, it may be fun.
These tranquil moments, I just adore.
For the morning sun could never be a bore.
This big star as I once said before,
Can only make you think , just once more . . .

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