TTT (1979-present / San Leandro)

A Regular Sort Of A Guy

He fights where the fighting is thickest
And keeps his high honor clean;
From finish to start, he is sturdy of heart,
Shunning the petty and mean;
With his friends in their travail and sorrow,
He is ever there to stand by,
And hark to their plea, for they all know that he
Is a regular sort of a guy.

He cheers up the sinner repentant
And sets him again on his feet;
He is there with a slap, and a pat on the back,
For the lowliest bum on the street;
He smiles when the going is hardest,
With a spirit no money can buy;
And take it from me, we all love him 'cause he
Is a regular sort of a guy.

I don't care for the praise of the nations,
Or a niche in the great hall of fame,
Or that posterity should remember me
When my dust and the dust are the same;
But my soul will be glad if my friends say
As they turn from my bier with a sigh
"Though he left no great name, yet he played out the game
Like a regular sort of a guy."

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Comments (4)

I think this is great! I love the picture of this all wrapped up neatly in a box with a pricetag of 27 years on it........that's perfect! I'm glad you figured things out for yourself. I wonder why it seems like we waste so much time but really maybe it's all that wasted time that teaches us what we needed to figure it out in the end. (If that made sense!) Great poem. Sincerely, Mary
Don't be so tough on yourself, Cokbod. You have written a fine poem. And as for destiny some never realize it at all or realize that it's really up to us to manifest it in our lives. All the best, Hugh
So, what was your destiny?
Nicely told, speaker (which I assume is you, Mr Lodwogo. Do correct me if I'm wrong) . Just love the jigsaw imagery. Nice that you are able to forgive yourself for your years of indirection, draw a line under them and walk forward with a feeling of purpose and meaning to your life. May your desting be great, speaker.