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A Bionic Man

September 6,2018

I became a bionic man. so sudden!
Trying to live in the best I can! !

Useless things I see, I don't need!
Life is bygone for this saddest kid! !

I found the life so harder and unfair!
Now, pain and suffering want me to tear! !

I took the big fight to let go, continue!
And I dream to be in your avenue! !

I know that dream can never comes true!
Such a short life is like the morning dew! !

This bionic man doesn't owe anyone!
Not to God who made me for his own fun!

What I did to the world who dislikes me?
All in the world boycotted me to be happy! !

Never walked enough! Never saw enough!
Health system made me a bionic, so rough! !

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