My Heart Beats For You

I felt the love so deep in my heart
Like a knife tearing me apart
I felt your breath in every
Pulsating blood vessel flowing
Through my veins, and I knew
That my life would never be the same.

I felt my heart wanting to break
Every time I’d look at your face.
Your eyes would take me on a long journey
To places I’ve never been before
Like in a whirlpool going round and round
And my self going further down.

You are every breath of my life
Every desire in my soul
And you are the one I want to hold.

My heart has become an open book
Pick it up and take a look.
My heart no longer has anything to hide
So come on down and climb inside.

Look at the way a heart truly beats for you
And there is nothing that I wouldn’t do.
To capture your love and put it in a bottle
For all the world to see, that your love
Belongs to me.

This is my heart and I give it to you
Like a bee gives us honey
Taste the sweetness and the joy it brings
For your love is my everything.

by louis rams

Comments (64)

Love the poem but don’t understand the last verse.
This poem is so nice!
Lovely poem. Emily Dickinson is one of my favourite poets!
Lovely poem, good concept and key words
a bird alone performing; is a joy beho lden to a watcher of the wild, on any street or path, surely ajoy to last
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