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A Bird In A Cage

A Bird In A Cage

Poem By Juan Antonio Rodriguez

A bird freely flows
within the passing wind
as each fish does
with that eternal current
of the sea or a river.

A free bird
is used to bathing
within the continuous rays
the sun so warmly gives,
and with his usual flight,
he proclaims himself
the only and sovereign owner
of the entire sky.

But the bird in the cage
is always paralyzed
by being imprisoned
with his legs tied
and his wings clipped,
without being able to escape,
nor to walk nor to fly,
and he can only sing
of the loss of his freedom.

His song is one of fear
and of things unknown to him,
but desired nonetheless,
and his tone is clearly heard
outside of his prison cage,
for his song is one
of happy liberty.

The bird inside the cage
Has open breeze in his mind
While perceiving himsdelf
Where the wind
Moves all of the leaves
Of any tree Branco
Where he may cose to freely rest
Until he comes down to eat
Or he flies in that sky
That he used to hold as his own.

All of these dreams
of the bird in a cage
belong in a grave
sin his imprisoned reality
is a sad nightmare
where all wishes die
with clipped wings
and legs that are tied,
and it is due to all this
that he usually sings
of the freedom taken from him
by all of those
who have never been imprisoned
without ever doing anything

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