(8-2-1945 / Gorakhpur)

A Bird In The Winter Rains

Newly grown colorful pretty wings,
Learn how to fly in the winds exciting,
I listen to its tone, know what it sings,
I know him well who you are inviting

I know cold rains kindle a fire inside,
Everything is burnt in the fire of love,
I ha'e been a victim of teen aged tide,
One is too ecstatic in desire of love.

I understand you and I am aware,
Recollect a song of the winter rains
You are so friendly with you I share,
How from the mud I got the stains.

Here on earth, don't look at sky,
Clouds are vagabond don't you see,
Frozen cold droplets now do not fly,
Fell on the warm earth like a bee.

It's my earth with colorful flowers,
Love is here, you need and deserve,
Promoting the passion of the showers,
It's a love poem, I write and reserve.

by Akhtar Jawad

Comments (7)

It's a love poem, I write and reserve....lovely words have crafted a lovely poem...interesting throughout....thanks Akhtar for sharing this lovely work with us...God bless you
An amazing poem of beautiful thoughts and nice rhymes.
This is fantastic poem......
Each and every line full with the emotions and lots of whiff......loved it :)
Everything about this poem is fresh and refreshing!
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