A Bird's Nest Destroyed

A sweet little bird
Builds her nest,
Gives all its energy
To make it the best.

Little by little
Broken twigs she picks,
Slowly but steadily
She arranges the sticks.

After the completion
She takes some ease,
Flies to a distance
And looks at her master piece.

Splendid, marvelous and wonderful
Were the interiors of her nest.
Because she has made it
With all zeal and zest.

But suddenly she felt
A strong and mighty tremor.
She peeked outside
And saw a bulldozer.

She flew out and saw
Her nest being destroyed.
She sat on a tree,
Worried and annoyed.

Tears rolled down.
And she couldn't control mourning.
Her effort has gone in vain,
So she started weeping.

Then she cried out,
'Alas! you selfish guys!
You have demolished my nest,
Which was my handwork's prize.

We make our nest
On our own.
While you make homes
With laborers and loan

Please, we ask you to be
Only our guest,
Not to destroy it,
But to take selfies with our nest.

by Jerusha Melanie

Comments (2)

A beautiful meaningful poem written in simple charms. Nice idea u have of the selfie with the nest eh. Great message u r conveying against rapacious buldoziing of trees. Thumbs up. Pls do review my latest poem too titled pop goes....
Nice simple words with deep meaning. i hope we see a day where by all God's creatures have a right and the means to build a HOME. and the others, to respect each one's rights. Not apply 'Survival of the fittest' to little beings, great or small. Perhaps the poem 'Handicapped' may interest you. Please read it.