MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

Life Is Rough When One Is Over The Hill (Italian Sonnet)

Life Is Rough When One Is Over The Hill (Italian Sonnet)

My love for you burns hotter than a flame
A flame which not even water may quench
If life were not so cruel you’d be my wench
Yet it's cruelty of destiny to blame

When I say I love you I feel no shame
To those who threaten me I will not flinch
And if they torture me I will not wince
I will gain strength when I holler your name

Living without you in a world so cold
I am torn in two and my heart is still
My youth was fleeting and I have grown old

In my youth I had strength and I was bold
Life is rough when one is over the hill
Yet I am glad my soul has not been sold

. 9/5/2015

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What A Wonderful Read... I enjoyed this very much, A very talented, well thought out piece.. Lynn ~
This is beautiful, Michael. I especially loved the final couplet. At my age, I understand this poem way too well, especially the part about 'worn carpets and worn kneecaps.'
ha ha ha, Microsoft! this was fantastic! i'm off to Boots to get some hair dye. should i pick some up for you? Jake
Only heard about that Michael.Dont know much.
Pradeep - the saying of many gurus that despite living in the kaliyuga externally, we may live in the satyuga internally...but you know more about this than I do?
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