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A Birthday Message For My Mother

Happy birthday to the
Most loving mother of all time
A mother who dedicated her life
Solely for the welfare of her children
A mother who could never eat
Without feeding her children first
A mother who could never sleep
Without seeing her children in bed
And a mother who can trade her life
For the life of her children.

I and my brother
Will never be able to repay
What you have done for us
But we tried our very best
To give what you truly deserved
As a loving mother
And whatever there is lacking
I know God will step in for us
To give you the rest.

The main happiness we now enjoy
In our life is because of you
We thank you and our late father
For bringing us into this world
To enjoy the wonders of existence.

Every waking day of our life
We thank and ask God
To give you another day
A day full of happiness
Contentment and peace of mind.

Your love
And our love
Will always dwell
In the core of our hearts.

Cooyright 2019, Rose Marie Juan - Austin, All Rights Reserved

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What a beautifully written wondrous poem for your mother. A shining beacon of love, simply love. A poem filled with joy that is enchanting.. Thank you Rose Marie for writing this warm, loving and heart-felt tribute to your loving mother. Beautiful.
7) Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday on last 21 October and all year long. A 10 Full Score and myriad of 10´s more for this Most Beautiful Message-poem. As you love your beloved loveliest Mother, so is God´s Love for you. Abundance Blessings God´s for your beloved Mother ever, for you and your beloved family. Amen. P.S. Though the date passed, would you convey my sincerest wishes to your Mother? Thank you beforehand.
6) The most beautiful Message-poem for a beloved mother I have ever read. She deserves all these, so true. I have read this time and time again and have put this in myPoemsList. Thank you so much for all the beauty in words, your thoughts worded in this loveliest devoted Birthday- Message-Tribute for your beloved Mother.
5) This beautifully formulated Message-poem is like a mirror for my person, I have read this with tears in my eyes, because it feels so close and my mother is no longer here. I " envy" you, dear great poetess, but with a heart filled with God's love.
4) We as her children can never repay as she had done those all for us but we do that in our own caring and loving way, since you love her very much I know about your beautiful dedicated descriptive Birthday Message. A true pleasure and deeply moving to read these blessed emotional statements from a beloved and devoted daughter.
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