A Birthday Night Out

Poem By Alison Cassidy

Tall and slender,
she graced the noisy restaurant
draped in Madonna blue.

Her laughter sparkled.
Her pale skin revealed
a filigree of venous lace.

Her eyes bubbled, as she
poured the veuve clicquot,
and read aloud the words of wit
penned by her wild and woolly brothers.

Tonight my daughter charmed.
Bright as the shooting star
that exploded
the day of her birth.

Comments about A Birthday Night Out

i like it, it remembers the joy of having been born long time ago
Bright as the shooting star that exploded the day of her birth An exquisite image to be remembered. Paul Valery, a poet, said that a poem is a holday of mind. This certainly is.
Ravishing beauty in the eyes of poet.........excellent work, i do admire, thanks
She's stepping out of the shadows! What a real poem, and so beautiful in it's own right.
The free and breezy language underscores the charm and congeniality of a lady who has attained (shooting) star status in a grateful poet's eyes.

Rating Card

4,3 out of 5
6 total ratings

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