A Birthday Night Out

Tall and slender,
she graced the noisy restaurant
draped in Madonna blue.

by Alison Cassidy Click to read full poem

Comments about A Birthday Night Out

Andre Lopez 02 Jun 2008 11:19
i like it, it remembers the joy of having been born long time ago
Ben Gieske 12 Oct 2007 01:12
Bright as the shooting star that exploded the day of her birth An exquisite image to be remembered. Paul Valery, a poet, said that a poem is a holday of mind. This certainly is.
Dr.subhendu Kar 09 Sep 2007 06:15
Ravishing beauty in the eyes of poet.........excellent work, i do admire, thanks
Permanent Daylight 11 Aug 2007 11:33
She's stepping out of the shadows! What a real poem, and so beautiful in it's own right.
Robert Howard 10 Aug 2007 11:07
The free and breezy language underscores the charm and congeniality of a lady who has attained (shooting) star status in a grateful poet's eyes.
Scarlett Treat 07 Aug 2007 01:06
Funny, how we mothers sometimes get overly syrupy when our children do something special...such as speaking in public and making everyone laugh! ...but you have shown your pride here without being overly sentimental. Your love for HER just shines through...and I would bet a thousand dollars that there were many, many times when she cut her eyes back to you, the source of her inspiration. Mutual love! Wonderful poem! !
Ted Sheridan 04 Aug 2007 12:12
Isn't it wonderful to seem them shine.
Ashley S 01 Aug 2007 07:55
True mothers love came from your pen as you described the occasion and your daughter. To be able to sit back and observe a wonderful moment through your eyes (made me shed a tear too) . I'm an old softy as you seem to be as well. (No offense on the old thing, just seems to go) LOL Thank you for sharing this intimate moment! Ashley xo
Joseph Daly 29 Jul 2007 09:24
This is excellent, Alison. You have taken a romantic approach and portayed an excellent pictire. The opening line, should set the scene, and here it does so wonderfully. The inventiveness of a colour, Madonna blue is superb in that it conjours up more of an emotion than a colour. That is the value of words and colours. Excellent portrayal.
Chris Mendros 28 Jul 2007 07:10
Sounds like a memorable way to celebrate one's birth. it only comes once a year, after all.
Oh Allie... spectacular and also deeply touching from a proud mother. You paint the picture with the finest of brushs as ever. If only ever girl had such a mother and indeed such a presence, huh? t xxx