A Birthday Poem

lone traveller
from kuala lumpur to tokyo to china
cold places, strange people warm and cold
so many unknowns that became knowns

by john tiong chunghoo Click to read full poem

Comments (7)

nice poem, ...luv this one!
Simply a lovely expression John. I require to use this for my boyfriend name John Andre Wilbon his birthday is coming up this Sunday.
A very nice poem. I loved it a lot.
Nice poem. Very touchy indeed.
It's an endorsable poem. There were a few enticing parts in the middle and front as well as back, but there seemed to be a few awkard lines in the middle. I'm sorry, perhaps the poem has no faults, but its just me. Just wanted to tell you that sometimes you put cutting remarks on other's poem, and probably they are of no importance to you, or of any significance to which you would commit that bit of memory to, but I'm sure to that particular poet, it must be painful. It has not happened to me, but I do hope you would be nicer in your future comments? That's up for you to decide, I guess. Anyways, since whatever I; m bothered with has been written, let me now give my comment for this poem, as apology if this offends you in any kind. I liked a few of the phrases in this poem, one being: 'lone traveller from kuala lumpur to tokyo to china cold places, strange people warm and cold' It's a welcoming expression to describe the diversity of people in the world presented in a manner I would definately associate with home, asia. And this one especially: 'a coldness in between as we sung and tried to break the ice between the candles lighted and blown' It's a beautiful imagery, contrasting the heat of the candles wth the distantness of the people. It's a scene that would seem so familiar with us when we gather without our families, with aquaintances, where the love cannot be but limited. It's a nice poem with a tinge of sadness, beautiful for what it means. For my birthday, however, I would want something... Happier. ^^ hahas.Home is where my heart lies.
A simply lovely poem..................loved every bit of it.................though i very sad at times
very good john great effort, very sad in places with a little happiness Warm regards allan