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A Birthday Poem For Keppel
AC (6th August,1945 / Melbourne, Australia)

A Birthday Poem For Keppel

'a cone all alone on top of a hill'
was a sad little character
from your very first story

at Bellbird lane you slept
in the hallway lined with books
absorbing words like a sponge

at two you were king of the highchair
in the middle of the kitchen
demanding names

at the Learning Co-op, Pat
let you use rude words
like bum and pooh and fart

at Steiner your words were clever,
and essays discerning and witty -
even when the black dog bit

since school, through the Melways
Directory of your life, your words
have nourished and sustained you
and amused and charmed those around you

you, my firstborn, whom I cherish beyond words
who reads my poems and encourages
me honestly and diplomatically
on this soft day on September 8,
I wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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Comments (9)

As usual, even after all these years, a triumph of words and mental pictures. You're the best ever!
A beautiful poem Allie....the day our children come to earth through our feminine bodies is so special...it is a day that is our birthday too..the day the mother was borne within ourselves...your son sounds sensitive and creative...like his mother...Love Sandyxxx
A loving and moving birthday tribute from mother to son. Not much an outsider can add except to say how damned well written it is. Word clearly run in the family. jim xx
Keppel, Allie, Jerry and who else...you're very lucky to have each other, so I guess you must deserve it - happy everything to everybody all the time..
Alison, the warm and loving tone of a proud mother resounds in this birthday tribute. Many happy returns Keppel! Kind regards, Justine
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