(8-2-1945 / Gorakhpur)

A Birthday With Moon And The Lady Grace

Come on, hurry up, and let us walk to the moon,
I know his language and I can talk to the moon,
Moon has promised to come on the earth,
Tonight you'll see my art and my worth,
Come on Grand Pa with the Lady Grace,
Moon wants to see her lovely face.
Moon is my friend and he asked one day,
Sweet little girl on your coming birthday,
With your help let me make a moon light way,
On the day in person I shall come and play,
With you, your family and the Lady Grace,
From skies I have seen her beautiful face,

Press my clothes as you press your own,
Dress my hairs as you dress your own,
Medicine, that stops the leaking of noses,
My toy piano and a bouquet of roses
I do not want these shoes and shirt,
A high heel sandal and a pink skirt,
Color of ribbon should be shocking pink,
My silky hairs should have a kink,
Sun goggles, it's a bright moonlight!
A bag on the shoulder, a charming delight,
Colors of stockings a shocking contrast,
To moon I shall go with a beauty blast.

Follow me Lady Grace, follow me my dear,
Walk able distance, not far, too near,
Hand in my hand, please walk with grace,
Moon wants to see your lovely face.
Father you will carry my birthday cake,
Honey sweet sister the candles you may take,
Brother, please carry the basket of snacks,
Mother, please take the sweets from the rack,
Grand Pa, please carry dry fruits in a bag,
And an empty basket for keeping the rag,
We shall not pollute the moonlight way,
Venus will be making a video of the clay,
I think we are ready let us move to the moon,
My friend is waiting since late afternoon.

(Happy Birthday to my sweet granddaughter Heya born on 21st February,2007)

by Akhtar Jawad

Comments (3)

''Surely, Grand Pa, please carry dry fruits in a bag'' please, do. I like the imagery. Good work, Akhtar
Beautiful birthday dedication to your little grand daughter! You know very well her preferences in dressing...... pink dress, ribbon of shocking pink, high heel sandals and what not! Now she is ready for her trip to the moon with her grandpa and Lady Grace (Grandma?) . Wonderful imagination!
A wonderful poem, as a child I too always tried to appear older, now I try to appear younger...........10