DAW (16.09.91 / Northumberland, England)

A Bit Of Hope

I held on tight
and longed for the best
then realised there was nothing to hold onto.

I fell deeper and deeper
Then i thought to myself
What a wonderful life.

I dug far in my mind
To find a little hope
It took a while, But eventually did.

I squeezed it tight
And wished and wished
Until my hope became reality and all was well.

I woke up that morning
Thinking back to my dream
And i thought about the message

When you're feeling down
Find a little bit of hope
Take it, build on it and never give up!

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Comments (3)

I do believe that holding onto hope isn't giving up. It's a rather awfully good poem.10/10 *Andrew*
A very fine, inspiring poem, Danielle. Thank you for sharing. Warm regards, Sandra
tomorrow, is always a better reflection of today. and the bonus.