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A Bite Of Lonely Frost And A Slap Of Winter Heart-Break
CR (May 19,1992 / Kodiak alaska)

A Bite Of Lonely Frost And A Slap Of Winter Heart-Break

Fighting off this aching feeling deep inside of me, I need to know you’re there. I reach for you with numb hands and eyes that refuse to see but when I reach for you no one’s there reaching back for me. You had always been there before and now I seem so lost. I feel my heart freezing over with the beginning of a subtle bite of a lonely frost. It’s snowing deep inside me as I realize you’re gone. My bodies breaking down as I begin to grow cold, now I see what people mean when they say their spirit’s growing old. I remember when I was warm inside smiling everyday now I’m always sad because they took my sunshine away. There’s no more time for gentle caresses of fall and spring time bliss it snowing inside me now and it like a cold is sure to come. My body aches with pains unhealed and sorrows that can’t be shared because I’m sure you see the winter is like heart-break to me.

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