A Bitter Reality

How could I ever return?
When leaving put the past behind me?
Some kind of love I have no use for,
It would be like searching
In pockets that are empty!

Peering into the one-way
Glass limousines
And I hope to see someone
That I easily recognize,
While simultaneously
Is shaking coins in a cup
And telling me he is hungry,
How can I be stretched out
Between two such worlds?
On the borderline of each
And under the microscope
Of publicity
And also the indifference of police!
Do those who have succeeded before me
Knew to abuse the bondage of poverty?
The freezing action of debt and terror
Is still better than owning personal favor…
Too long out work-
Where is the cure
For the destruction of pride?
After it is turned inside out,
It becomes a character flaw
And everybody tries to hide
What they presume
To be humiliating
But it is just the prejudice
That makes it unbearable!

When you wake up in the morning,
Thinking about what you have to do
Or what you ought to be doing,
You can never really grasp
What has passed
In the hours spent revitalizing
The sub-conscious memory
And though you take substance
From the World you know,
This is not what
Really refreshes you!

(c) All rights reserved-2011
New York City

by Romeo Della Valle

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beautiful.........love it