A Bitter Truth

Poem By Mohammad Akmal Nazir

The life will remain the same,
You will remain the same,
They will remain the same,
The world will remain the same
With all its beauty and grandeur,
The moon will shine brilliantly,
The stars will twinkle
With all their splendour,
The nightingales will sing in the garden,
The flowers will scatter their beauty all around,
Nature will spread Her skirt for Her nurselings,
People will celebrate Eid, Diwali and, Christmas,
Their joy will know no bound,
But ah!
I will not be there
To share this joy.

Comments about A Bitter Truth

Deep! I often dwell on this same dreary truth.
Bitter truth? I'd say the inevitable can never be bitter, under no conditions. All the worlds a stage and we are timed and timed out..nothing bitter, rather spiritual and and extension further, I believe in afterlife. Good write and well thought.
An amazing thought, and potentially frightening - were it not for faith. Beautifully done 10.
Yes its bitter truth but as long we r here we will enjoy, very nice n well bounded poem, i try to rate but it dosnt work, dont know why but i really enjoy reading +10 if u have time can u read my new poem (Call)
Like knife through butter, rightly titled, no title would have been better, a wonderful poem

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