(21/06/1992 / Kashmir)

A Black Dog

I am but a black dog-That is the difference, who am I
A loyal guardian to my master for I can die

I wake up all night for some food and piece of bone
And you eat up all life hunting, His kingdom and throne

I am the one who eat rotten, ripe, and dead and decay
And now you eat the same whatever it takes away

I always stand at the same door
For some bread, tasty or sour

I have no class, no civilization and position
But yours is to slit the throat, of your religion?

I don't believe in relations, marriage system
Same is you who lost their wisdom

Then father and mother I don't care who they are
Tell me, do you pay the visit whether near or far?

I am but a black dog with four legs I go for walk
What is it proud, for with only two legs you walk?

For I have got a covered perfect body
And I am just a dirty, lets hit the doggy

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Verily, a fine similitude and expression