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A Black Emptiness
RVS (October 6,1950 / New Jersey)

A Black Emptiness

Riding around, trying to lose myself in another dimension,
failing hopelessly, driving late into the night.

With no destination, no one to talk with, trying desperately
to hold on to nothing.

Reality is at every turn, trying to make me face the black
emptiness surrounding my being, but I refuse.

Staying awake, not wanting to fall asleep, afraid of drowning
in nightmares that run very deep during sleep.

Looking, always looking, for something to hang on to, there
is nothing anywhere in sight, and I continue to crash and
fall, night after night.

Where is the hope I used to have? Where is the faith? Where
is God? Nothing. I know nothing, yet I am supposed to go on
living? Why? What is the sense? What is the meaning?

How come I have to suffer this emptiness all alone? Why can't
someone come along and help ease the pain? Oh God, why am I
suffering like this?

My love ran deep, it came back up through my soul, it is being
pulled from me, yet, I will not let it go.

The meaning of life lies buried in all of this meaningless
death, but I have found none yet!

Having found no meaning for life to go on, maybe it must just

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Pregnant with pain and loaded with loneliness that ejaculates tears from the hear. Thanks for shearing my friend!