AMM (May 21,1988 / Ypsilanti Michigan)

A Blank Canvas

Blank. that is how I feel.
I have no emotions to fulfill.
Nothing left.
I'm bereft.
Of your touch.
No color on your brush.
So I am blank.
That is no paint.
The colors have died.
And yet I survived.
But empty I am.
Yet again I am...
A Blank Canvas.

by Amanda May Moore

Comments (9)

Well written, Amanda. Congratulations on having it selected as poem of the day!
Nothing left in life! With the muse of survival. Nice work
Emotionless heart is a blank canvas without any colour being used to produce picture!
You write your poetry from the heart and it is full of your feelings. That is the kind of poetry I find worth reading.
Good write...I like how you used painting (or a lack there of in this case) as an analogy to describe your feelings of emptiness. We've all been there before...we've all experienced a void in our people can definitely relate to it. You also kept it short and simple. Nice work...Top marks! -Michael
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