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A Blanket Of Leaves
(25 April 1854 – 3 November 1926 / Ontario)

A Blanket Of Leaves

The bushes and the trees
Spread the old brown blanket;
Snugly round their knees
Is the old brown blanket;

And the saucy flowers hide

'Neath its folds, to there abide
Till they hear the robin red-breast and the blue bird sing.

Yes, they '11 snuggle down and sleep

In a slumber soft and deep,
'Neath the old brown blanket, till the Spring.

The cricket and the bug

'Neath the old brown blanket
Sleep silently and snug,

'Neath the old brown blanket;
The chipmunks and the mice
Cradle daintily and nice,

Till the breezes gentle zephyrs from the south worlds

They will slumber and they '11 dream,
While the tempests o'er them scream,
'Neath the old brown blanket, till the Spring.

And when the spring has come

O, the old brown blanket!
When the bees in triumph hum

O, the old brown blanket!
They will waken from their sleep,
They will lift their heads and peep,


They will hark to hear the robin and the blue bird sing;
The blooms will then advance,
And the little beasts will dance
On the old brown blanket in the Spring.

But the frost will creep and prowl

On the old brown blanket,
And the winter winds will howl

O'er the old brown blanket;
But the little darlings never
Feel the least alarm whatever,

But they pnt their cheeks together and to each other cling;
Let the winter demons chafe,
The bugs and flowers are safe
'Neath the old brown blanket, 'till the Spring.

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Nice poem, it opens doors of imaginationin the mind of the reader.