A Blanket Of White

Poem By Kate Wiley

Quiet were the fields in winter white
Silent were the songs of every bird.
Bemused, creation watched the jeweled snow
Come gently, thickly falling, scarcely heard.

Motionless were limbs of stately elms,
The ornamented tree and lowly bush
Covered with a crocheting of lace;
Suspended in a scene of solemn hush.

On the ground there lay a velvet coat
While hidden were the creatures fast below
Finding sheltered comforting of warmth
Deep in burrows blanketed by snow

While in ice adorned as if a castle
Outlines of a brambled cottage rough,
The farm, a paradise, a lovely kingdom
The farmer king of milking and of plough.

Winter, riding by in silver chariot
Saw her work and found that she was pleased
When the flakes had finished their finale
And lay o'er cottage, monarchy and beast.

Comments about A Blanket Of White

Kate, I lulled in the warmth of your Blanket of White...it truly is a lovely poem. You really are the best! Fondly, Dorothy
This is so lovely, peaceful and still, full of imagery and a pleasure to read, thank you, Lynda xx
Very pleasing to my winter soul. This beautiful poem makes me long to watch those snowflakes dancing down, each one as unique as a poem thought. You paint well with words. Love, Sandra
Oh what a beauty nature when blankets white as dappled green by the corn field snow when felling wordless over the grin winter as crown when swaddling across the bird`s songs.............nature when raves up by the luscious white still across the pine leaf when mired chilled, a scientillating art of of nature when painted white, exqusite expression with ingenuity yet lucid, well penned 10++, thanks for sharing

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