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***a Bleak Outlook***
KR (29/08/1988 / London, England)

***a Bleak Outlook***

Poem By Kaspa Richards

I see no light at the end of my tunnel,
There is no other side to these constant struggles,
The grass isn’t greener as I can’t see it,
Can’t look on the bright side if I don’t believe it.

You keep telling me things will be fine,
Eventually it will work itself out over time,
But what do I do while I wait for that time to arrive,
I just got to try and get through life and survive,

Nineteen years old been mentally aged and forced to grow,
Had to deal with adult situations so growing up I wasn’t slow,
Grew up so fast the death of my brother was the first of life’s many blows,
All I’ve got out of it is the ability to create these pointless flows.

Now as I sit back and reminisce on my life,
Trying to find the happy times thru all the strife,
Not one happy memory this hasn’t made me weak,
Even though my outlook on life is constantly bleak.

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Dark, honest, interesting, strong. I feel heart in your poems. Keep writing.
i love the honesty, the sheer darkness, and the hopelessness.