Assylum In Abyss

esspeecee … 05.10.07.

I hear mellow of
The flute of
Of embryonic dawn
When ascent thro’
Twirl stare case of slumber.

I stroll down
The horizon
I hear subtle murmur
Of graceful grass blades.

I view the
Glowing glory
Of mid day summer
Of Sun God.

I look stoically
At inviting meadows
Dancing butterfly
Captivate me.

I stare, share
At fathomless sky
View: Evening
Stars titter.

In repose at night
Hear woes
From numberless lips
Of hapless destitutes.

I interiorize,
Consciously hibernate
Get struck-awed, flowing
Burning lava down spine.

Next morning
I bleed my heart
Lay me
On the lap of
Mother Earth
‘tis asylum in abyss.

Copyright reserved by the Author

by Dr. Sakti P. Chakravorty

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