RVS (October 6,1950 / New Jersey)

Thinking About Oneself

man A thinks about nothing
but his own race all day long
man B thinks about nothing
but his own business and his
troubled race all day long
man C wedged between them
also takes plenty of time to think
about his own race and how to
catch up with the rest of the world
when friends from afar come
visiting they try hard to put on
a smile to show how united they are
though the fire they keep within them
is smouldering and fast spreading
soon all realise they have left their
own beloved country to rot while
they think about nothing but
themselves all day long

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Add a comment.yes great poem,i can relate..
Clapping hands! Yes it is like that for a family which has sent deeper roots in love.I love all of your poems and comments you give.
When I read your poem for a second time the thought struck me that we believe in a God who loves us beyond compare and then there is the parent who loves us beyind compare, together God and parent make the world safe, blessed, and happy. What a great start to life in their combined love! And you - we - can always return to those memories for strength and comfort. Your poem will keep this idea alive..
A blessing from God, we were always able to be together and play. A close-knit family, kept together by a Mom who loved us beyond compare. sweet memories that linger in the soul. very fine poem dear Roseann. tony
A sweet short story that is fill with love. Thank God for family!
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