! A Blind Eye

I should have seen the signs -
Your need to control all things
Your ego running rampant
You're such an important figure
At least in your own mind;

I thought that I could change you -
Silly me!
Patterns ingrained from long ago
Can only be changed if you desire
What I want is not an option;

You say it's not important
We can rise above these things
The words come easily from your lips
Yet still your body betrays you
And I am under your spell;

No more! Time erases tenderness
Given with a willing heart
Accepted by a greedy lover
Then discarded without a care -
Passion wasted;

Another conquest on your list
How easily they come to you
Brave hearts about to be broken
Still they take the chance
And suffer their demise;

And you remain unscathed
Your ego takes it all in stride
Such petty complications
Yet one day they will take you down
And maybe I will smile;

I should have seen the signs.


by Linda Ori

Comments (8)

Your poem truly states the underlying emotion. Not in the words but as an undercurrent running through them. Well done
A blind eye sees so many hurdles to come.
But do we ever? We see what we want to first of all, and when we do start to see the signs we tend to underplay them so long as things are moving along... but eventually those little things are the things that cause it all to unravel... A sorrowful write Linda, with a real rawness - reflective of emotions perhaps - that's enhanced by the writing style. xxx jim
Aisle Altar Hymn the wedding ceremony does not always fortell happiness
Another conquest on his list, because of love, the sign's were missed! *10*! ! Best wishes Linda! Splendid read! ! Friend Thad
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