ND (19, April,1951 / kalubovila East, Sri Lanka)

A Blind Lover's Lament

He sees her broken heart through his gloomy eyes
And he hears a song like a prayer in a cathedral.
He tries to re-set but it's very hard to bring it back to normal.

by nimal dunuhinga

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When I reset sometimes things get worse.
Dear friend, I beg to differ from your views.........A partner/mate/companion is not be viewed from the physical sense and material and worldly utility point of view. Every man however he is handicapped or in that case woman is equally enjoyable and worth the company and life as anybody else.... So I am first of all with all immaturity and indignation record my protest.......so the lines shall be read like this: : : : : hope you tolerate my interruption...........as only a dear friend..........i am penning the following........ He feels her pulsating heart through his blind eyes and flooding delight trickles down his lashes he discovers new visions deep inside his mansions slowly he comes alive relishing the sight stemming within..........
Viewing her thro’ self viewing ... a nice paradigm…with splash of mellowencholy [mellow +melancholy] Ms. Nivedita UK
'And he hears a song like a prayer in a cathedral' Rachel Ann Butler
'and he hears a song like a prayer in a cathedral'. What a beautiful line. This one hurt you into poetry.10/10. Always your friend, Sandra
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