HMM (May 3,1981 / Olympia, WA)

A Blinded Love

There is no loneliness in solitude
When silence and its golden notes consume
Yet in silent thought your voice intrudes
Then memories surround me, bittersweet perfume.

New breezes beck me to distant scenes
In swirling dances, enchanting chaos
Yet cutting wind then intervenes
As pain and numbness to fill my loss.

The sun and stars, reflections of my eyes
Tho too cheerful for my solemn sight
More like sparkling raindrops to match my cries
Glittering brightly in a darkened night.

I find no rest on your slow and wandering path
Where your heart is unpassable as the tallest peak
And once conquered, then face Heaven's wrath
And by Heaven blinded from the light I seek.

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