A Blindness Kept To Protest Against

'Why are we no closer to the 'light'?
It seems from us to be fading away.'

Remember when you and the others debated,
That another way could be found...
To accept truth without pain to face or feel.
With a doing to continue to follow and find,
A truth to accept and leave 'that' affect behind?

But what could we possibly find in darkness? '

Questions like that produce their own facts.
A blindness kept to protest against...
And remaining to uphold accusations to blame,
Upon others who have already told you...
Reality with light to shine on it,
Maybe painful for the first time...
Is as honest as I can get.
But you will no longer be blinded by ignorance.

'Those comments many of us find offensive.'

Either way you perceive truth to be.
And where you 'believe' it to be eventually revealed,
Will not be shown to have it known...
To anyone wishing to keep a mind left blind.
With a stubbornness kept defiant.

Where are you going? '

Back to where I know truth does not offend.
Why should I repeat an ignorance to defend it?
I already know where my benefit is.
To receive more of them to get.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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