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A Memory
RVS (October 6,1950 / New Jersey)

A Memory

Here, while the loom of Winter weaves
The shroud of flowers and fountains,
I think of thee and summer eves
Among the Northern mountains.

When thunder tolled the twilight's close,
And winds the lake were rude on,
And thou wert singing, _Ca' the Yowes_,
The bonny yowes of Cluden!

When, close and closer, hushing breath,
Our circle narrowed round thee,
And smiles and tears made up the wreath
Wherewith our silence crowned thee;

And, strangers all, we felt the ties
Of sisters and of brothers;
Ah! whose of all those kindly eyes
Now smile upon another's?

The sport of Time, who still apart
The waifs of life is flinging;
Oh, nevermore shall heart to heart
Draw nearer for that singing!

Yet when the panes are frosty-starred,
And twilight's fire is gleaming,
I hear the songs of Scotland's bard
Sound softly through my dreaming!

A song that lends to winter snows
The glow of summer weather,--
Again I hear thee ca' the yowes
To Cluden's hills of heather

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Comments (4)

A beautiful penning of the creative state of mind, having a complete belief on God. Allowing myself the freedom to exist and be, ...... Lying spiritually in His arms forever, using gifts He has given me..... thanks for sharing
Lying spiritually in His arms forever, using gifts He has given me from the moment of conception. Writing as I fulfill the purpose He has given me to share with this world until I meet Him in the next. May the Almighty Creator guide this creator of poetic pieces to the way the former likes.
this is great...good strong writing...it has a nice flow and your delivery was powerful...a fine poem!
Loved it Roseann, loved the expression. But don't stop your writing even after meeting Him.