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A Blood Hots Up
(17/05/1947 / Vadali, Dist: - sabarkantha, Gujarat, India)

A Blood Hots Up

It is national sentiment and I am deeply shocked
At gruesome murders when day light is rocked
When crowd is fired at and resulting into deaths?
Long queues are scene for laying the wreath

It has become routine and hunting ground
New technique is employed and innovative ways are found
People are slain in broad day light
They want to conquer without offering fight

What do they to offer to their brethren?
What can be their aim to find in light of lantern?
Have they done blind to the senseless killings?
Are people in for it with willing?

It makes me bleed and hurts most
Irreparable loss is done by them at no cost
it may not be material loss or damage
it makes country to bleed and making it difficult to manage

How long we will witness the carnage?
Why people are killed and thrown into drainage?
What type of game they are involved in?
Is it not the dirty tricks or ways employed very mean?

Why to we distrust the system and cast a doubt?
Why sudden loss of face and turn about?
Is there any secret understanding between terrorists or clout?
Why sudden spurt in violence to face the rout?

It pains me deeply and hurts conscience
I must go into oblivion for doing nothing with silence
I can’t knock the inner voice and ask for remedy
Life has turned hostile with tragedy

I will not stand up and face the weather
Neither I will cry nor continuously bother
May consider it as set back and differ
Opinion of others stand good but we have to suffer

It gave me enough of strength to stand fast
Mind occupied with sense with courage to last
Nothing so particular with malice intention
Still it stood as test and raised many question

I must search the soul and repent
No to further quest and silently consent
Confine to reality with utmost sincerity
Movement with steady pace and no more hostility

I should go down with human dignity
Love to live with natural beauty
that is there on earth without any blame?
Can any one remain aloof and claim?

I too would live with no malign intent
Avoid unpleasant scene and remain content
God is so kind to grant us whatever we desire
why then we hesitate and not even admire?

I want to give message of peace
Abhor the violence and try for hostility to cease
Nothing may help to solve the misery
We will god own as butchers in the history

Violence adds to violence
Cruelty and death can’t be compensated with condolence
Let us sit together and bring an end to bloodshed
To bring revolution by bloodshed is not a trade

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V It is national sentiment and I am deeply shocked.. shame for such happenings in day lightxxxxxxxxxxxx10
t is national sentiment and I am deeply shocked At gruesome murders when day light is rocked When crowd is fired at and resulting into deaths? .. u bearable agony for sentiments....10
Terrorism [in the name of religion ethnicity, race, skin color economics &c] well poemed…why so much shed of blood? Are we civilized? Or, ‘Civilized Ignorant’ fanatic…. You’ve hammered the brain of civil society me…to ponder… How to get out? You’ve prescribed, ‘I want to give message of peace/abhor the violence…’ ]Will it reach to dead and silenced heart…I don’t say ear… 10/10 Ms. Nivedita UK
To sit together and bring an end to bloodshed, it sounds easy yeah? But it is very impossible. Well, hopefully, who knows…? Let’s just pray… it is really a heart-ache my friend.