A Blossoming Of Love!

He wonders why they adjust their dress seeing him
And try to be at a safe spot when speaking with him
Is it due to fear or humbleness or complex or attraction?

Especially beautiful ladies feel so immediately seeing him;
Is it due to his body attraction or cool personality or what?
He wonders thinking over them in his leisure time later!

Thereafter his observation becomes sharp seeing them again;
Fair genders give a special courtesy and care for him later;
Is it due to internal love or high respect or magnetic attraction?

Seeing fair faces thereafter he too feels same sort of sensation;
Dreams of them disturb often leading to imagination romantic
Bringing new kind of sensuousness quite unusual at late age...!

For all these kinds of sensations festival of colours brings chance
To come closer to have fun in group gathering exchanging
Spray of colour waters and seeing eye to eye in close range.....!

Joy between both genders knows no bound in ecstasy fresh...
Lasting long in the company of friends and relatives quite large
Thanks to boon of festival of colours being celebrated in society!

Fun and dance electrifying in moments of close encounters
And touches thereby taking both to land of fantasy as in dreams
Nothing can be so thrilling and sensational and enchanting in life!

Will the sensation unique continue after the festival of colours ends?
Will it bring better chances thereafter under some other pretexts....?
Hearts pierced by cupid's arrows long for encounters close forever.....!

by Ramesh T A

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