A Blossoming Rose

Feeling full of immeasurable dreams
Desiring to burst forth with unfolding hues
Opening with the natural ease of a sigh
Blessed with a spattering of morning dew

by Theresa Ann Moore Click to read full poem

Comments (16)

Truly, the beauty of a rose is beyond description, but you have done it justice. Good job.
liked these lines: : Petals instinctively absorb rays of warmth Releasing a heavenly fragrance so freely Intoxicating all who inhale as they pass by thank u for ur poem. i am reading ur oems now. invite you to read my poems too. thank you.
This poem like the rose itself is a treasure and a delight.
Making the rose more beautiful than it actually is. Wonderful. A 10.
a well blossomed out poem on a blossoming rose...written beautiful and imaginative...good work, Theresa...10
A very good well written poemFeeling full of immeasurable dreams Desiring to burst forth with unfolding hues yes i can feel it love wilfred John
This one does hit my limbic system.
I can't imagine a rose being describe more beautifully. Thanks for sharing. Ron
the rose appears with added beauty with the words of a good poet....the poem more beautiful than the rose itself...
i had recently visited a rose garden in december in the morning. the petals were covered with dew. your lovely poem reminded me of that day when i stood spellbound by the beauty of the roses and the garden full of fragrance. the first stanza is really verybeautiful
This an amazing poem Ms. Moore writing about a beautiful flower.
the flower which helps humans to define their love...the freshness showered through its blossoming is exotic...your poem is equally freshening...liked reading it.
A beautiful poem about a beautiful flower. So many lovely colors and a fragrance like no other. I enjoyed it very much, Theresa! Best Wishes, Marilyn
Very prettily put, beautifully phrased. Roses do have that effect on you.
Beautiful poem Theresa, a delightful read, i love roses! ! *10*! ! Best wishes! Friend Thad
The rose, there would not be a summers day without one thankyou for your lovely potrayl 10 Chris