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A Blue Butterfly
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A Blue Butterfly

Did you know the poem is a blue butterfly,
An elusive and gentle butterfly,
 uniquely exotic, vibrant and beautiful
One to admire, One to behold?

The butterfly always flying to and fro
from garden to garden and flower to flower
enjoying the warmth of the sun
enjoying a pleasant spring day

Sometimes the butterfly comes  close,
and  sometimes flies oh so faraway
If only I could capture the butterfly
and keep it for my very own someday

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Comments (4)

Your poetic butterfly flies so beautifully and superbly.bit flew into my window and I'm reading n enjoying it. Imaginative and sweet poem indeed. Thumbs up. Nice to read from your pen again, I hope u will too my latest titled 'my wee special guest'
You have indeed captured the elusiveness of beauty in your writing. There is a gentle and quiet loveliness in this poem, like the sun shining in a soft rain. Bravo, good poet.
.....thank you poets for the beautiful comments, you guys are the best :) ★
I would say that you already caught the blue butterfly and placed it inside this mellow poem, I love this....enjoying the warmth of the sun, enjoying a pleasant spring day. Butterflies have a special place in nature and in poetry, great poem!