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A Blue Jewel On Black Velvet
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A Blue Jewel On Black Velvet

planet earth is my special home, and this home I love
the mountains I love, the desert I love, and the sea I love
and I especially love, fluffy white clouds above!

altogether, I receive pleasure from my home
like if holding sand, in the palm of my hand
or walking upon dirt, rocks, clay or even mud!

truly, I feel happiness is enjoying home
like a walk on a sunny day, in the month of may
seeing flowers and trees, grass and leaves!

and I feel, bliss is the enjoyment of home
like whistling a tune, in the month of june
feeling cool water, air, and warmth of the sun!

all of these aspects of home, are life's necessity
anywhere on earth I roam, I am enjoying home
this planet is special, this blue jewel is my home!

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I liked how you put the title, blue jewel equals earth, black velvet equals universe.
You show so much care and love for your home and this blue planet, our home to all living creatures.Very beautiful poem, thanks for sharing.
This is the most important treasure in the universe, not gold, or silver, or the dollar signs of wall street this wonderful jewel of spaceship earth, roving around this big ol universe, thanks for reminding us this little jewels the most important one of them all the one with life.
Good morning Rachel. This was a very delightful poem, I loved it and the earth I call home. PS: Thanks for all your reviews and comments on my work. Loyd
Smilingly lovely! Fresh and smoothly flowing. Thank you for it.
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