A Blue Sky Wedding

Moon was wandering in the dim sunlight,
Incomplete and looking for a charming Miss Right,
His father sun, recollecting his own lovely days,
His mother earth, still wet with his rays,
Beyond the ocean an aurora appeared,
Sun kissed the earth and disappeared,
A beautiful maid started her evening flight,
Moon was amazed with her twinkling sight,
She was Venus a daughter of beauty and love,
Swimming like mermaid and flying like a dove,
With a wedding procession of singing stars,
The wind carrying the tunes of guitars,
Moon was the groom and Venus was the bride,
The earth got pearls in the lovely tides,
Ocean with joy then danced on the shore,
Sun prayed Oh God! I want many more!

by Akhtar Jawad

Comments (7)

You are blessed to imagine brilliantly Akhtar.....lovely thinking...lovely poem....excellent craft....thanks for sharing
With your great imagination you have created a feast of stunning imagery that is a joy to read!
Very Very Beautiful.......... really Amazing! ! ! 10 on 10.............
Nicely written enjoyed your poem sir thanks for sharing it.
A beautiful imagination converted in a lovely poem..................10
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