A Blue Sun Painted On A Large Piece Of Paper

a blue sun painted on a large piece of paper
surprised itself in mirrors, starting to melt
oh don't be candles sighed the child
afraid of asking for more paper-
it's no one's birthday yet-

but it was. the blue sun thought.
I've just appeared and what is shining

the blue sun shone, a little uncertainly at first,
colouring the blue waters bluer, if it were possible,
in the small pools where the babies waded;
making them stand still in the purple ripples

fingers in their cherry mouths,
lost in the blueness.
your first daydream!
cried their mothers.

on cue, the babies found first words:

blue sun! they cried lifting their hands as if to
be picked up by deep turquoise, dripping,
shy before hyacinths-

in early spring

mary angela douglas 19 june 2014

by Mary Angela Douglas

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