Therapy, Tragedy And Killers, Oh My!

New York City psychologist, Kathryn Faughey,
was hacked to death by a patient.
It was very personal killing by the use sharp objects,
not a projectile from a barrel,
Dr. Reuvan Bar Levov, who I knew personally,
did suffer death from the latter,
The mind is strange place to dwell into,
it is full ideas,
some pleasant,
some terrible.
The movies aren’t the only places you’d find malevolence,
you can see it constantly,
The tone of violence, and plus the pressures sociologically,
economically, spiritually.
And all the others -allys out there. Kathryn Faughey pissed someone off.
She may not have intended to do so, in fact, she could have not anything wrong.
But to the killer she had,
perception is everything,
For him,
perception was a reality,
reality gone amuck;
it’s the same ol’ song and dance.
For the murders go both ways.
Dr. Harold Shipman had little patience,
but he did dispose of many patients,
He was the serial psychiatric murderer,
to beat the body count of Hannibal Lector.
It’s too bad when aren’t in sterile environment,
such as TV set or a radio booth.
Dr. Phil and Dr. Laura can sit in their communicative surroundings,
can relax a lot. with their psychological reviews.
And try to figure out people’s perplexing personal problems
in a half hour time slot.

(But I, in the writing of this observation, found that Dr. Laura forte is Physiology, Not Psychiatry or Psychology,
-she has to seek some psychiatric input for her son Deryk, who had put a 45 Colt in his mouth, Who like Seung-Hui Cho brandished a gun in his pictures. Deryk has all the signs, a hateful webpage on MySpace, Could have Deryk used the gun as phallic symbol because of his mother’s staunch anti-homosexual views?)

Just before the advertisements that hawk anti-anxiety or anti-depression ads kick in.
Dr. Reuvan Bar Levov was a very fine doctor,
-he would be surprised that a Columbine like shootings did escalate,
The last one had occurred at North Illinois University in DeKalb,
Yesterday by a graduate student.
A alas and alack, he wasn’t a stupid Polack,
He was not a Polish Muslim, which who I also know personally,
This Polish-American brethren, (bro’ in ebonics) whose name was Stephen Kaczmierczak
(Pronounced Kah zmeer chalk for only non-Poles out there,)
He was on meds but he didn’t take that day,
now he is definitely off them,
He died by his own hand after he had finished the attack,
Who was on the Dean’s list,
who majored in sociology,
Seung-Hui Cho, not Polish American, was on anti-anxiety meds,
Was an English major that killed 32 people,
Thus will be the memory of The Virginia Tech shootings about a year ago.
It seems as though mass murder graduated from junior highs, to high school, to college.
But they were indiscriminate murderers, not personal,
But in essence the victims they shot were the enemy,
Reality is perception as vice versa,
like the death of Nicole Brown Simpson,
Which OJ was found not guilty in the criminal court;
it was a circus of sorts,
But was found guilty in civil court,
it the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit,
And for you OJ, You can’t rob people in Las Vegas Hotel Room,
And write a book If I Did It. (See observation if I Did It) .
Reality is perception as vice versa.

There are a lot of troubled people out there in the sea of humanity,
Some will take you with them whether they know or not.
Kathryn Faughey knew her attacker, Dr Reuven Bar Levov knew his,
Their attackers were pushed to edge, edge of what? Edge of reality or insanity?
There is a fine line to many, who knows?

Reality is perception as vice versa,
May all those concerned, be leery of your empathy,
For those that will engage the minds of others be careful,
Because you can venture too far and you can be the resultant of other people’s sympathy.

The therapist in New York City did not know her attacker,
She did not have him as a patient,
She did not help send to prison for seventeen years,
She did not do anything bad to this guy, he was not efficient,
David Tarloff,39, tried to hack a psychologist to death but Kathryn, --
He must said, “You’re him or her, but you’ll do”, without shedding any tears.
Manhattan is cumbersome for those people that think straight,
It must hell for people, who don’t think in a given mental state,
The offices and suite numbers could be misconstrued,
But for hacking a person 15 times that he had,
Is a lot more, David Tarloff saying, “I’m sorry, my bad.”

Right now Stephen is in the news via his girlfriend,
He was an intelligent individual, who cut himself as a teenager,
A troubling sign that were to come a decade later,
CNN aired a report yesterday about the criminally insane mind,
No solutions immediately but perhaps later,
hopefully in future which is now past due,
Tell this to the loved ones that buried their losses Virginia Tech and NIU.
Tarloff is insane, he was hospitalized 21 times,
Tarloff plead not guilty by reason of insanity,
How can justice be so blind?
How can the victims be so discarded?
What we will be the result of his trial?
Shall he be placed for 22nd time a mental ward?

Or perhaps free to kill again.

by Joe Rosochacki

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I have never before troubled you with a request. The saints whose ears I chiefly worry with my pleas are the most exquisite and maternal Brigid, very interesting
beautiful poem I like reading it
Joyce This is a good poem, keep it up