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A Blueprint Of How It Was
( / Midwest)

A Blueprint Of How It Was

photograph this now
because I don’t think it
will last for very

paint this picture with
night and a hint of
and hope
that it will stay for

record this moment
so I can play it back
when everything
goes back to how
it was.

and now
do not wish upon
unless you wish
to become it.

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Another gem, good sir. I am certainly enjoying my perusal of your anthology.
I really enjoyed reading your words you write very well.. Wendy
Life is a flickering series of images that will pass us by, so preserve them now or forever lose them. Great poem, I'm glad I got to read it.
Wow.Beautifully written! ^.^ I love this one! *adds to favorites*
this poem is beautiful, it shows how important we should take what is here now very serious. i love it.
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