GJS (Sept.22,1946 / Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario)

A Body Broken


A body broken,

His shed blood

Brought forth redemption

O praise the Lord

Not for His own sin

Which He knew none

But for our sins

God sent His Son.

God sent His Son

O praise His name

Throughout the ages

Jesus the same


Today, forever

God never changeth

He is my Saviour.

He is my Saviour

O how He loved

Went to the cross

And shed His blood

All my sins were

On Him laid

Took its full penalty

Death then the grave

Death, then the grave

It could not hold Him

To not one soul

Was He beholden

But Mighty Conqueror

He became

My risen Saviour

O praise His name.

O praise His name

All ye who know Him

He's coming one day

And that is awesome

Seek ye Him while

He may be found

We shall rise from

This mortal ground

This mortal ground

Burnt up with fire

New heaven and earth

Is our attire

Now with our Saviour

T'is pure delight

Goodbye all darkness

We're with the light.

Copyright Gary James Smith

May 20,2014

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