A Bohemian Night Life

Sitting quietly at a table in a corner bar
With his pride tarnished and a heart broken,
His mind seems to be gone away very far
But he is ready to release his words unspoken...

Covered by cigarette smokes in the air,
While a piano is being played in the background,
He lifts up his face full of tears...
Starting to write words without sounds...

He asks for a soft drink to the barmaid,
And concentrated writing a new poem
He realizes that for his wound, there's no band-aid
Since his life has taken a new form...

Suddenly, a flower girl stops by
Asking him to buy some flower
He felt like a bird that can no longer fly
One with broken wings and no power...

That bird was really me, indeed!


by Romeo Della Valle

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Comments (29)

You use very graphic words, love d imagery I feel like I'm sitting next to in the smokey bar, I'm drinking some red wine tho. Lol. Keep up the gr8 work :)
Lovely emotional expression, drawing me close to you, to stand by you.May the flower girl give some fragrance to patch up a little heart bun......... nice write up.
very beautifully described loved your style......flower girl keep writing always
Dear poet, this only the second poem that I have read from you, and wow, loved it. I give this a 10. I will be reading more.
You've painted such a credible scene here. I feel like I'm sitting close by soaking up the atmosphere. The juxtaposition of the broken wings and the flower symbolizing freedom are well placed. I hope you choose the flower.
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