A Bologna Sandwich?

I love a hamburger that is cooked just right
Sliced tomato, onion and a pickle too
A sandwich of chicken or turkey is nice
So many choices that we can pursue

by Marilyn Lott Click to read full poem

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Wonderful when simple things such as food bring joy to us all. Entertaining and now with the want for a Bologna sandwich. Thank you
A temple! Named by stomach of abdomen kingdom! No worshiper is here; no oblations! Hungry in angry eyes the state holder! O bologna sandwich come, come hither and pacify the lord of hungry with your oblations! nice 10++++
my name is lewis and i like devin
we shall order it now without delay if u join me..... eating together is joy. they say it is communion in spiritual language...... from a sandwitch to a togetherness...... being together and eating brings joy.. tony
Cooked just right! ! Food. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
A very bizarre tasty poem that is so nice to read...
I personaly like Liverwurst on Rye bread with a smear of mustard and a slice of red onion.I can't find bologna anywhere..It's breakfast time here.Now you made me hungry.Good poem lots of fun..
a wonderful poem that sounds very tasty but why o why no mention of the world famous jam butty? ...……well penned Marilyn
Some of the simplest pleasures of life! I am hungry for a sandwich but being a vegetarian will settle for a cheese sandwich topped with onion and tomato! Add some cilantro and pepper too please! I am coming for lunch! Congratulations Marilyn for a poem well written.
Congratulations, Marilyn! It's always nice to see someone on my friends list be chosen as the recipient of this award. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go make a sandwich. You've made me hungry!
It seems sweet and taaty Sandwich, o, you didn't invite us, ....... Congrats, and thanks for sharing
Beautifully penned. Thanks and congratulations for being selected this poem as the poem of the day.
Marilyn, such a fine poem of the day... congrats for being chosen.....10++++
I have not tasted many of the things mentioned here. Still the poem feels mouth-watering.
Congratulations on your posting in this category. Would make a good poem for a cookery book.
an old bologna sandwich goes way back to child hood. a bologna sandwich please. enjoyed the read
haha... it's really fun how you can come up with a poem about such simple things! i think this poem is really cute, but it makes me hungry ;) i love your poetry! (and sweet tea as well! ! !)