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A Bomb Is A Bomb Like A Bomb

a bomb is a bomb like a bomb
but not only a bomb is a bomb
it’s like a bomb gregory corso’s
bombing sign in the paper zero

a bomb is a bomb like a bomb
revolving the sound glory of o
from o to o crying our sorrow
making a bomb sign it’s s-bomb

a bomb is s-bomb like a bomb
searching for the light sorrow
exploiting e = m.c.2 row & row
a bomb is s-bomb to be i-bomb

a bomb is i-bomb like a bomb
its sorrow borrow ideology of o
to build the zero world of ceo
the row of i-bomb to be e-bomb

e-bomb is i-bomb like s-bomb
not only bombing in machinery
s-bomb is i-bomb like e-bomb
rediscovery doomsday humanity

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