A Bond Built

In a valley
Midst purple hills
Far away far
from the noise of man.

Built of wood bondage.
Poles and bars
separate him
from once his freedom.

Round and round
in circles he ran.
First one way
rear and run the other.

Unbroken spirit
wild of eye.
A challenge flung
each time we met.

Through his prison bars
I watched.
What magic spell
lured me near?

Never will I know
the reason why.
From my world
into his I stepped.

Ears cocked high.
Steel muscles trembling
nostrils flared hooves pawed.
True warrior facing me.

We eyed each other
suspicious at best.
Who would be willing
first to show trust.

Eternity it seemed.
Really seconds few.
Then step by step
closer we moved.

To show my faith
I turned away.
Patiently I waited
his response.

Soon soft velvet I felt
whisper upon my cheek.
His breath a warm caress
with a gentle friendly nudge.

No longer a need
for poles and bars.
Between the two of us
a bond of love for life had formed.

by Kurt Hearth

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