(04 October 1943 / Germany)

A Bond?

I asked you to suggest what I could do
to lift your spirits, make your life a fete,
I figured that by now you likely knew
what makes you tick and keeps you in the state.

I know today that it is never up to you,
you see the whole of me, it is the real me,
if some shenanigans can help me to undo
the minus vibes it only sets our spirits free.

It's warts 'n all of course, it must be for the two
who've found a miracle so close to the beyond
You have my eyes you lovely sweetheart and I do
show only nakedness but hopeful of our bond.

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You have mail, I left that out, i am so rummy from being at the computor too long! T.
Herbert you are in a quandry. Would you be so kind as to read it? T.