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A Book As Medium
(17/05/1947 / Vadali, Dist: - sabarkantha, Gujarat, India)

A Book As Medium

A book is called book if reveals human misery
Contains past glorious events of the history
Speak nothing about treason and mystery
All relevant truth essential to be made known to country

We have long and cherish memory of past
Brave people and heroic struggle put up to last
Upholding the traditional values and customs
Benefiting millions of countrymen to know abut freedom

It can be anything from religion to struggle
Coming out successfully from known troubles
Improving and maintaining cordial relation
Having peace at all the times and no more questions

It can be about recreating hymns and prayers
Lost in the past waves yet alive in inner layers
Recalling how ancestors in the past were prosperous
Leading happy and ordinary life sans contentious

It may be unfortunate if we don’t cover the expeditions
Scaling of high peak mountains under adverse conditions
Rich heritage from cultural revolutions up to current stage
To be remembered by all right from the stalwarts to the teenage

Even though books are rich so far literature is concerned
Some of the topics are to be avoided and discerned
It may give temporary pleasure but leave behind deep scar
The bitterness to be remo0ved and pushed very far

The book represents marble statue carved out from simple stones
It may speak live the history and impressions already gone
The credit goes to the originator who did so much pain in writing
It must create congenial atmosphere and lead to no more fighting

It must also lead to preservation of the nation as single entity
No contents must speak disheartening facts leading to disunity
This is dangerous trend now days seen in recent revelations
It solves less but creates controversies and lots of questions

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